Founded in 2002, Integrative BioInformatics is a privately-held corporation with headquarters in Mountain View, California.

The IBI team is comprised of experts in the field of kinetic modeling, experimental data analysis, biological computer simulation, and software development. Our Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder, Dr. Robert Phair, is an internationally known expert in the area of kinetic modeling, with over 35 years of experience in the modeling of complex biological systems. While we currently focus on cellular and molecular systems, we also have years of experimental and theoretical experience at the tissue, organ-system, and whole-human levels of biological organization. We have developed a systematic approach to modeling of biological systems that allows our customers and clients to effectively test complex hypotheses against all the available experimental data.

Our focus is on solving our customers’ most urgent problems in biological research.

In addition to our own experience we can draw upon colleagues and collaborators who are experts in optimization theory, numerical analysis, cell and molecular biology, physiology and image analysis to provide a complete solution to the scientists with whom we work.

We offer each customer a unique blend of software, training, and hands-on consulting services designed to advance their research and help answer their key scientific questions.

Our customers include several world-class cell biology and physiology labs, and our work with these groups has supported many high profile publications.