ProcessDB is a software application that helps cell biologists manage, test and extend their increasingly complex mechanistic hypotheses with one easy-to-use tool. It helps researchers tap into the power of kinetic modeling using the vocabulary of their own labs. Leading biologists have found that ProcessDB provides them a means with which they can test and explore in totally new directions.
If you're a researcher exploring complex cellular functions, ProcessDB will:
· Manage the complexity of your biological data
· Help you to create, combine, and share models
· Build on your previous work and that of others in your lab
· Seamlessly integrate your experimental data with your theories; easily compare model predictions to experimental results
· Easily apply experimental protocols to any model to produce testable predictions.
· Serve as a central place to store important models and experimental data
· Facilitate communication between experimental and computational biologists
· An intuitive graphical editor that allows you to draw diagrams representing your cellular models
· You define molecules, complexes, and places; your lab uses its own vocabulary
· Automatic generation of differential equations from a diagram
· Automatic export of equations to a variety of solver software
· Can be bundled with scientific consulting or customization services

ProcessDB Consulting Services